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Crash Barriers

Corrugated Crash Barriers (also known as Armco Safety Barriers( are used throughout Britain in places such as vehicle parks, factories and industrial premises to protect people, property and plant installations from the dangers of impact by vehicles and to minimise expensive repairs and consequential losses from such accidents. Crash Barriers give your valuable stock, plant and buildings the best possible protection from damage caused by moving vehicles and forklift trucks. Components are replaceable and have a maintenance free life of up to 30 years. Applications include: Vehicle restraint, protection barriers against rock fall, pedestrian guardrails, delineating boundaries, barrier control and more. This safety barrier is galvanised to BS720. It is mostly tensioned corrugated beam with a nominal post spacing of 3.2 metres. The beams, weighing about 40Kg each are made to BS4360 from 3mm thick steel and are 3.5 metres long overall. They are simply bolted to fixed steel posts and spliced together using bolts to form a continuous protective run. Beam centre height is usually about 610mm above ground level. Crash Barriers are part of our specialist fencing range.