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Flat Razor Wire

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Flat Razor Wire
£ 39.60 each (inc VAT)
£33.00 each
Flat Razor Wire has a flat profile. And must be bought in multiples of 5 for shipping reasons  

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£33.00 each
Flat Razor Wire is available for purchase in increments of 5


Flat Razor Wire is relatively new to the UK and is excellent at combining Security and Safety into one excellent perimeter deterrent.

The flat profile of the design offers the same deterant but does not overhang the fence or wall like traditional Razor Wire making it safer for people walking along side the fence line. This provides an excellent soultion as the flat razor wires profile means you offer the ultimate deterant whilst not not endangering inncocent passers by.

Fitting Flat Razor Wire 

The flat razor wire  profile means it is camn be easier and cheaper to install than traditional Circular Razor wire as there is no need for any 90 degree brackets to be fitted ontop of the application area. Instead all is needed is a flat bracket where the Flat Razor Wire can be attached to with wire or razor wire clips.Wire can then be fed through the razor wire and tightened at each fixing piont.

When Flat Razor Wire is delivered to you you will need to handle it with care and Razor wire gloves are an absolute must. 

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This product can normally be despatched immediately when in stock, however any customisations you may require will add to the lead time.

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